Camp Information

Drop Off/Pick Up
Camp drop off and pick up is located on the north end of the building at the end of the parking lot. All campers must be signed in and out every day. Only people indicated on the child registration form are authorized to pick up. All people picking up campers must show a valid ID before we will release a camper into their care.

Rainy day drop off/pick up is located in the same area, down the ramp.

We want to ensure you that this is a safe and welcoming environment. We practice inclusion and have a zero tolerance for bullying. We take into consideration the age and development of children when handling situations. Campers will be held accountable for their actions and we expect parents to understand our policies and respect our decisions. Campers will follow a 3-strike policy (based on the severity of their actions).

Under extreme circumstances, campers will be sent home or suspended.

Behavior Management
Our counselors work hard to ensure all campers are treating themselves, each other, and all camp staff with respect. We expect our campers to follow the rules, stay with their group and above all respect everyone at camp. If we feel campers are not following these guidelines, we will speak with parents/guardians.

Under extreme circumstances, campers will be sent home or suspended.

Summer Meal
Program We partner with the Hunger Task Force to provide meals for our campers through the MCFI Summer Meals Program. We serve breakfast, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack each day. Campers are welcome to bring their own lunch from home if they choose to do so.

Field Trips
Our campers will attend field trips each week. Our trips will typically be on Wednesdays each week. A schedule of all the field trips for this summer will be released on April 1st. Field trips are a chance for our campers to experience new things and discover new places outside of camp. Fees for field trips are included in your weekly camp rate. All campers will receive a free camp t-shirt that they are required to wear each week on our trips. This makes it easier to keep our camp groups together in public places.

If campers misplace their field trip shirt, additional shirts can be purchased for $10.

Extended Care
Extended care hours are 7:00-9:00 AM and 4:00-6:00 PM each day. Campers are split into larger age groups and offered a variety of choices to keep them busy during drop off and pick up times. Fees for extended care are also included in your weekly camp rates.