Enrichment Camps

Enrichment camps are the perfect fit for those campers who want to focus on more specific interests during the week.

Campers will spend at least 2.5 hours a day focusing on the enrichment camp they have signed up for.

Enrichment campers still participate in swimming, field trips, and all camp games/activities. Enrichment camps require additional supplies and sometimes different trips or guests.

Enrichment Camp 6 & Up 

Bracelets, necklaces, keychains…you name it! If your campers love creating art pieces with their hands and beads, this is the camp for them!

They will spend the week learning new techniques for lanyards and friendship bracelets, creating beaded jewelry, and making bead animal keychains

Campers will learn to be Pokémon trainers this week! They will learn about different Pokémon, create their own Pokémon Balls, Pokedex, and have their own live-action Pokémon Go game!

Campers are sure to have a blast creating their own Pokémon and designing their own Pokemon cards to share with the group.

Boys and Girls alike will spend the week learning basic dance steps and cheers.

The week will be spent making props and costumes for their dance/cheer performance at the end of the week.

Campers who love to build and design their own masterpieces out of Legos will enjoy this camp!

This week will be filled with various building challenges, arts & crafts, and snacks inspired by Legos. Campers will take home their own small Lego creation!

This is an introductory level archery camp. Equipment, safety, form, aiming and scoring are
just a few things that will be covered this week!

Campers will also get to test out their aim each day in our brand new slingshot range!

Calling all chefs! Campers will spend the week learning basic cooking skills, following recipes, and create their own tasty dishes to try!

All campers will come home at the end of the week with their own cookbook filled with the recipes they created each day.

This camp full of Medieval-themed activities; pool noodle jousting, princesses, dragons, DIY
scrolls, Merlin’s Magic tricks, juggling with the Jester, water balloon canons and more!

This is an intro level Gymnastics camp. Cartwheels, somersaults, handstands galore! Campers will learn new skills needed to become a fine gymnast!

They will work on different skills to improve on all four gymnast events; beam, floor, bars, and vault! The field trip this week will also allow campers to test the different skills they have learned

Who’s going to perform their talent at the end of the week for the whole camp to see? Well—everyone in YIM’s Got Talent camp! Campers will spend the week perfecting the talent of their choice with the help of their “Talent Coach” aka their counselor!

They will end the week by performing in front of a panel of judges—our Leadership Team—and the entire camp! We can’t wait to see the different talents campers have!

At YIM, we believe in giving back to our community and the people who live in it. This enrichment camp will allow campers to give back to our camp, YIM South Shore Center, and our community at large. They will come up with various projects to complete throughout the

week to give back. We believe this camp will inspire campers to always think of how they can always help others.

This camp will teach your campers how to survive in the wilderness…or at least the backyard! We will spend the week learning how to make fires, set up tents, find or create your own shelter in wooded areas, identify plants and animals and more! These campers will also go on an overnight camping trip on Thursday, July 19th.

(Note: The camping trip is not required to participate in this camp, however, the price of the camp will not change.)

If your camper loves to express themselves through painting and pottery, this camp is a perfect fit! Campers will be introduced to different painting styles, study a few works of art by famous painters, and create their own painted masterpiece!

They will also learn about ceramic tools and techniques along with the chemistry behind the firing process for ceramics. They will create their own pottery to bring home!

Calling all scrapbook lovers! This class is designed to encourage young scrappers and teach different techniques about page layouts and designs. Each day will focus on a specific topic, allowing campers to create a page or 2 each day to add to their own scrapbook.

This is a fun, creative outlet for campers to enjoy this summer!

All about the Hogwarts Express! This camp is sure to delight wizards and muggles alike. Campers are sorted into houses and work together to compete for the house cups.

Along the way, campers will learn all the wizarding basics, including charms & potions, create their own wands and of course play a few games of Quidditch.

Our scientists will spend the week, testing hypotheses and running various science experiments!

They will cover different science topics such as weather, states of matter, and forces of motion!

Campers will spend the week going on crazy adventures off-site. They will take daily field trips to places such as Little Amerrika, Mount Olympus, Go-karts & laser tag and more!

Learning a new language is exciting and fun! We think it is important for kids to be exposed to different languages so we are offering Spanish camp this summer!

Campers will learn basic vocabulary, study about different cultures, and try different foods!

Get your gardening gloves ready! Campers will spend the week learning about different plants, trees, and keeping the environment clean.

They will work hard on our camp garden and plant their very own seeds. They will learn the patience needed for tending plants and gardens.

Your campers will enjoy a week of pampering, relaxing while also discussing self-confidence and body positivity.

Campers will also focus on creating their own bath bombs, body scrubs and of course some pieces they will wear for their fashion show that week!

Marvel Comics, Pokémon and more! This camp is their very own comic convention! Campers will create their own comic books and Pokémon trading cards.

Let their imaginations soar as they develop their own characters and storylines.

Campers will learn the basics of creating and running their own business as their group comes up with a company name, pricing, selling strategies and more.

The campers will spend the first part of the week prepping for their customers. They will run their very own lemonade/juice stand at the end of the week.

Your camper will compete in our very own backyard obstacle courses to see who is a Ninja Warrior!

Campers will strategize obstacle courses and then build them before getting the chance to test their own ninja warrior skills!