Facility Policies


YIM South Shore Center is committed to providing a clean, safe, and healthy experience for all members and guests. Please help us maintain a healthy environment by following these guidelines

Obey the lifeguard! They enforce the rules for everyone’s safety!

NO food, candy, tobacco, or drinks on the deck.

NO running on the deck or engaging in rough play in the pool area.

NO diving in therapy pool or the shallow end of the large pool.

NO splashing, pushing, dunking, or horseplay.

NO swimming without a lifeguard employed by the facility present.

NO street shoes or strollers are allowed in the pool area.

Individuals, not toilet trained are required to wear a swim diaper. 

No diaper changing on the pool deck. 

Keep off the lifelines and lane lines.

Proper swim attire is required at all times. NO cut-offs or loose fitting clothes can be worn.  T-shirts are allowed to be worn over proper swim attire only in shallow water. 

Remove all band-aids, hairpins, etc. before entering the pool.

Do not enter the pool if you have a communicable disease or an open cut.

Shower before entering the pool and after use of toilet facilities.

Do not bring animals into the pool area.

Emergency equipment to be used by the lifeguards only.

Profanity, improper behavior, and intoxication are prohibited.

Do not block any of the pool entries or exits.

Coast Guard approved lifejackets are allowed no other flotation devices are not allowed. If you are unsure ask the lifeguard.   

An adult MUST be in the pool with children if they are under the age of 8.

Do not gather around the base of the lifeguard stand.

Please see the lifeguard for any problems, questions, and/or any type of medical emergency.

Failure to follow pool rules may result in eviction from the facility.


*It is a state law that one should shower, we looked it up.  So lifeguards can ask individuals to shower before using the pools.    

Elderly persons and persons suffering from heart disease, diabetes, or high or low blood pressure should not enter the whirlpool.

Pregnant women should consult their physician regarding whirlpool usage.

Children under 18 are not allowed in the whirlpool.

Just something to remind parents:

Lifeguards are NOT babysitters.  Their job is to keep everyone safe; they can only do this if parents help them by swimming with their kids until their kids are old enough to be in the pool on their own or have passed the swim test in the large pool. 


*It is a state law that one should shower.  So, lifeguards can ask individuals to shower before using the pools.    

Leave all personal items (bags, coats, and other clothing) in the locker rooms.

Do not bring any food or beverages, other than clear liquids, into the fitness areas.

Wear proper shoes, shirts, pants/shorts, and appropriate clothing.

Be conscious of others, and share equipment.

Be courteous to others and wipe down all equipment after use.

Lockers are available for daily use; or a monthly rental fee for overnight storage at an additional fee.

YIM is not liable for articles of clothing that are damaged, lost, or stolen. Please use a lock to secure your clothes in our “day use” lockers while you are working out. If you do not have a lock with you, YIM sells locks.

Locks left on overnight that are not rented out will be removed so that other members can use the lockers.

You may reserve space at YIM for special occasions such as birthday parties, receptions, corporate team building, banquets, meetings, etc. YIM has party packages that include cake, games, t-shirts, etc. Visit our membership desk regarding offerings, rates, availability, and reservations.

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