Jr. Enrichment Camp

Enrichment camps are the perfect fit for those campers who want to focus on more specific interests during the week.

Campers will spend at least 2.5 hours a day focusing on the enrichment camp they have signed up for.

Enrichment campers still participate in swimming, field trips, and all camp games/activities. Enrichment camps require additional supplies and sometimes different trips or guests.

Jr. Enrichment Camp Descriptions 4 – 5 years old

Our little artists will spend the week expressing their creative sides by drawing, painting and more! Campers will be introduced to different art mediums and create a new masterpiece each day.

All of the artwork will be displayed in their Art Gallery for the entire YIM South Shore Community to see!


Campers will stamp their passports as they go on a trip around the world this week! They will discover different places and learn about their cultures complete with trying some different cuisines! Campers will learn about different currencies around the world and some basic geography. They will even learn a few words in different languages!


Spiders, ants, butterflies and more! Campers will learn all about insects this week!

Our detectives will go on bug hunts, do bug inspired arts & crafts and explore bug habitats in our own backyard!

Campers will learn all about what it takes to run different farms! Each day will have a different focus: soil, sun and rain, plants, pollinators, pests, and animals on the farm!

Campers will go on an additional field trip this week to Green Meadows Petting Farm.


*No camp on July 4th

Our little paleontologists will learn all about different kinds of dinosaurs this week! They will dig for fossils, compare the size of a dinosaur’s footprint to their own and create dinosaur inspired arts and crafts!

In this land of fairytales, campers will discover and grow through dramatic play, imagination, and creativity!

Campers will visit the enchanted forest where fairies live, build their own castle, experience a world of make-believe and wonder!

Our music lovers will totally rock this week! Campers will enjoy learning about different music genres along with making their own instruments! They will spend the week playing their homemade instruments and learning different songs that they will sing throughout the week!

Our Mini Chefs will learn the basics of working in the kitchen! They will create easy, healthy recipes that they will also get to eat!

They will come home at the end of the week with chef hats, aprons, and a cookbook filled with the recipes they created throughout the week.

This camp is all things teddy bears! Picnics, arts & crafts, exploration, and parachute games that all revolve around each camper’s beloved teddy bears! Campers will read stories to their teddy bears, create snacks with Teddy Grahams, and make their own stuffed teddy bears that they can take home at the end of the week!

Our Sparkly Spa camp is Diva Camp for our younger campers! They will enjoy a week of pampering, relaxing and discuss what being a good friend is!

Campers will paint their nails, play dress up, attend a tea party and prep for a fashion show at the end of the week!

Our Sports of all Sports campers will have a ball this week! Campers will be introduced to different sports each day and learn the basic rules all while learning to be excellent teammates to one another!

Hats off to Dr. Seuss! This camp encourages reading, being silly and will explore all of the great Dr. Seuss classics! Campers will dress up, create hands-on crafts, use movement to act out some favorite stories of Dr. Seuss including One Fish Two Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, and The Foot Book.

Come on! Vamonos! Join us for a week filled with adventures of Dora & Diego! This week will introduce campers to the Spanish language.

They will learn basic vocabulary, create their own backpack and map, and create other various Latin-inspired crafts, snacks and more!

Join us as we learn to serve and protect citizens of our community.

Campers will participate in different challenges like Chase’s Police Car Race, Marshall’s Fireman Challenge, and more! Local law enforcement will also a visit this week to show them what it really means to be a Hometown Hero!

Campers will create their own Magic School Bus for all of their adventures this week!

They will go on wild field trips (on our campus) to explore various science topics including; weather, rocks, magnets, states of matter and deep sea exploration! Magic awaits!